For Tenants

Renting Done Right

You’re looking for a place to call home. Look no further than Birdsong Management! Our experienced team will help you find an exceptional property that you’ll love to call home. Let our experienced Realtor and Tenant Relations Coordinator give you a customized tour of homes that meet your needs today. We specialize in properties within southern Brazoria County.


Property Showings

Accompanied, private showings for superior property presentation & security


All of our property showings are completed by a Texas licensed Realtor. Unlike other
property management companies who simply sign out keys to anyone who requests them, all
of our properties are shown to the prospect by a Realtor, and an initial review of the
prospect is completed. This process helps to provide the maximum protection of the
property, while helping to move prospects through the process quickly and efficiently.
This cuts down on vacancy time. Each property showing is recorded and a weekly report is
sent for listed properties regarding marketing and showing activities for the property.


Document Storage

Secure storage with online access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We provide an online portal for lease documents, tenant correspondence, as well as
rental owner’s access to invoices and property management statements. Our privacy policy
insures protection of your personal information and adheres to all federal and state
laws in the acquisition, handling and storage of your personal information.

Online Account Access

Access your account and download documents from our online portal using any web enabled device


We provide online account access to both owners and tenants. For owners, this allows
access to a range of financials including details regarding all payments received for
the rental property, invoices, a balance sheet, a report of all completed tasks for the
property, lease details, and more. Rental property owners can even submit a request
through the online account.

Tenants have online account access to make rent payments, submit repair requests, and
access lease documents and tenant related correspondence.

Maintenance and Repairs

Professionally managed repairs using qualified, expert vendors



As a property management company, we work diligently on behalf of our rental home owners
and tenants to efficiently fix maintenance issues quickly with quality repair work. We
take our duty to safeguard your rental property seriously, and work hard to ensure
repairs are done expediently and cost effectively, while also abiding by the Texas
Property Code laws.

Dedicated Property Management Repairs Specialist

We have a dedicated repairs specialist who processes all repair requests and works with
home warranty companies, as well as a pre-screened list of contracted vendors. Whether
it’s a fence repair, A/C service, appliance repairs, plumbing or electrical problems, or
any other situation, we know how to have your rental home repairs handled on your
behalf, giving you peace of mind.

Property Management Repairs Process

Our repairs process allows for any repairs or estimates under $500 to be processed
without disturbing the rental owner. For any repairs exceeding this value, the rental
owner is notified and we work together to resolve the issue. In instances where the
repairs are tenant-caused repairs, tenants are billed for the charges.

If it is an emergency or a habitability issue, such as replacing a hot water heater,
large A/C repair, water extraction, or other urgent issue, we will authorize the
contractor to make the necessary repairs, and then inform the rental owner regarding the
cost. This allows an emergency situation to be take care of immediately, reducing the
risks and damage to the rental property.

Tenants are required to submit repair requests in writing and can do so through our
online residential property management software. This allows tenants to detail the
repair issue and provide their contact information. Tenants can also upload pictures,
which helps our contractors identify and resolve the issue more quickly and accurately.
Our online-based repairs process also provides a running history of repairs to the
rental property, allowing prediction of potential trouble areas, such as appliances
nearing the end of their life.